Nancy McGalliard

My expertise is in teaching college-level art courses, foundation to advanced. Additionally, more contemporary and experimental art forms are taught through workshops and collaborative practices. I have also taught ages 716 years and have tutored one-on-one or in small groups of any age, and tailored assignments to individual abilities.

My large paintings explore organic shapes in their abstract state, formations found in caves and caverns, and medical illustrations on an enormous scale depicting amniotic environments containing muscles and fantastic organs. I paint skeleton stories for Dia de los Muertos and small, psycho-metaphysical paintings influenced by Magic Realism. All are oil on canvas.

My work is inspired by Ann Hamilton, Pina Bausch and Butoh. Live Art and Sculptural Installations attempt to combine time, movement, material, scale, and site-context based relevance. Conceptually; I fall between the ridiculous and sublime, supported by transience with beauty and silliness in equal measures.

Lucky Bat Contemporary Art

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